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Upcoming Events 2020  upcoming and planned events:
  • *** DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS, TODAY’S NEW YEAR’S WALK IN CEDARBROOK PARK IS CANCELLED AND WILL BE RESCHEDULED ON A DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED. A winter walk is being planned for January 18, 2020 at 1:00pm in Cedarbrook Park.   This is our usual New Year’s Health Walk which will include our usual Vita and awareness exercises and combine them with some fun math (geometry and trigonometry stuff) activities   –  Meet in the Cedarbrook CC parking lot

Next Regular Meeting

  • The Next Friends’ meeting is on Tuesday, January 21, on the lower level of the Cedarbrook Community Centre, 91 Eastpark Boulevard. Everyone who is interested in promoting and protecting our beautiful parks is welcome.
TD Park People Grants:  The Friends were grateful recipients of a TD Park People grant to host 3 events in our parks in 2019. More details about the TD Park People grant and our events at:
About us: Hello! We are the Friends of Cedarbrook Park and Thomson Memorial Park. Welcome to our website! We use this website to post general and historical information about our Friends’ group. For recent and upcoming activities and events, check our Facebook page. As a local community group, our purpose is to promote the appreciation of the wonderful parkland literally at our doorstep, to advocate for improvements, and to protect the park’s natural environment. All are welcome to attend our meetings and events. Join us and you can volunteer your time and energy as you are able. Meet neighbours and make some new friends, too. Anything and everything you contribute will go towards making our parks and our community a better place to live!
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We work with Toronto Park People:
“Park People is the catalyst for better parks across Toronto. Our parks are not as good as they should be and we know that when residents get involved, parks get better. That’s why we are working with nearly 100 park friends groups, city workers and other partners to plant more trees and gardens, fix broken infrastructure and get more people out celebrating their communities through parks.”
Contact us at: or send a message via our Facebook Page   (Facebook login required) Click here for map