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Xmas Tree Decorating in Cedarbrook Park – November 30

We decorated our tree in Cedarbrook Park a day early (on Nov 30) because of the predicted winter storm on December 1.








Good thing because the weather was awful on Sunday.

However, ~20 decorations were blown off during the storm and some “remedial decorating” was required last week.  The tree looks good with some snow!




Jane’s Ride to Scarborough’s First Nations History: Tabor Hill

Jane’s Ride to Scarborough’s First Nations History: Tabor Hill

Saturday, May 4, 11:00 AM,  Thomson Memorial Park, 1005 Brimley

Despite less than ideal weather (cool and cloudy) we had an excellent turnout for the this year’s Jane’s ride, We started from the parking lot of Thomson Memorial Park (Scarborough Museum entrance), and proceeded at a comfortable pace along the Meadoway and proceeded to Tabor Hill.  As a choice, the ride proceeded to visit Scarborough’s new Bike Hub at Orton Park and Lawrence Avenue. Afterwards, the riders came back to the park for light refreshments in Picnic Shelter “B”.

Many thanks to our ride leader Erhard Krauss, the Scarborough Cycles group and our sponsor TD Park People Grants.


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2019 Community Cleanup Day

Despite less than perfect weather, we had a good turnout for the community clean-up of the Cedarbrook Community center on Saturday April 27 and we collected over 30 bags of trash, and the usual collection of oddities that are found discarded in our parks.  Thanks to all who participated.

A Walk Through Time

We had a great turnout for our first “Walk Through Time” through time event on March 23, 2019

A Walk Through Time is an exploration of the physical geography and geology of the Highland Creek Watershed and Cedarbrook & Thomson Memorial parks.

2 hours + 20 people = 40 bags of refuse cleaned up

On Saturday April 22, the Friends held their annual clean-up of the area around the Cedarbrooke Park community centre.  We had a great turnout from the friends group and the community.  We collected 22 bags of garbage , 18 bags of recyclable materials, and the usual assortment of unusual items.  The pictures tell the story:


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Thanks to all who came out to the clean-up!



First Post


It’s not by accident that I have selected the park sign as an image for my first post.  The main purpose of this website is to help our community make good use of the wonderful parkland that is so close at hand:  From playgrounds and picnic areas, walking and biking trails, to historical sites and more,  we have it all in Cedarbrook and Thomson Memorial parks.