Central Scarborough Green Loop

The Scarborough Centre Green Loop (or “the Loop”) is a 10km bike route between Ellesmere, Brimley, Lawrence and Orton Park roads. The route forms a large “figure 8” that is tipped to one side: Thomson Memorial Park is on one end, Orton Park Road on the other, and Brimorton bike lanes and the Hydro corridor form the long sections of the figure 8.

The Loop’s 10km length makes for a short one hour trip for the recreational cyclist, and there are no big hills. Nearly all of it is on park paths and dedicated bike lanes and thus a safe route for a cyclist who is comfortable riding in a straight line and knows how to safely cross intersections where cars could be encountered.

The Loop can be started at any point that’s close to you, but if you look for a good starting point, try Thomson Memorial Park at Brimley just north of Lawrence with its ample parking and good washroom facilities. An alternate starting point is in Cedarbrook Park and connected to Thomson Memorial via a 3km trail along the creek. A map of the Loop can be found at










There are interesting destinations along the Loop: the museum of Thomson Memorial Park with insights into the lives of the first European Settler in the area,  the historic St. Andrews Cemetery adjacent to the park, and further east Tabor Hill, a huge burial mound that Native people erected hundreds of years before Columbus set foot in the Americas.

The Friends of Cedarbrook and Thomson Memorial Parks hold a ride most Tuesdays, and you are invited to join. It starts at 6pm at the Recreation Centre in Cedarbrook Park, and anyone with a working bicycle and a helmet is welcome.