Bat Monitoring Program

2022 Bat Monitoring Program

With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, outdoor gathering limits now allow for broader participation.  Four Batwalks have been completed to date:

  • Thursday May 19 (8:40pm): 11 Batwalkers and 16 bat observations
  • Thursday June 2 (8:53pm) 8 Batwalkers and 21 bat observations
  • Thursday June 16 (9:01pm) 7 Batwalkers and 17 bat observations
  • Thursday June 30 (8:57pm) 5 Batwalkers and 19 bat observations

The next Batwalk is scheduled for July 14 after sunset (8:57pm). We assemble in the Parking lot at the Cedarbrook community center a few minutes before sunset.

The remaining Batwalks are scheduled as follows:

  • Thursday July 28 (8:44pm)
  • Thursday August 11 (8:26pm)
  • Thursday August 25 (8:04pm)
  • Thursday September 8 (7:40pm)

About the Batwalk

The Batwalk is approximately 4 km and require approximately 90 minutes to complete.  We walk at a reasonable pace along the paved path with frequent stops to observe and record bat activity.  Wear comfortable walking shoes. Everyone is welcome. Walking in the park at night is quite enjoyable in a small group.batwalk map

Information on the bats living in the parks is given here

Please see the 2021 summary of bat observation data for more info.

These walks are weather-dependent. In case of bad weather, check back here for any updates or cancellations.


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