2019 Batwalks

2019 Bat Monitoring program 

All good things must come to an end.  This summer, the Friends of Cedarbrook & Thomson Memorial Parks hosted a series of 8 Bat Monitoring Walks through Cedarbrook Park, helping the Toronto Zoo with their bat conservation and research.   On these walks, we used ultrasonic frequency devices to hear and record bat sounds.

We had an excellent turnout for our 8th and final Batwalk on September 12, with a group of 23 bat enthusiasts, some of whom are pictured below.

Part of the September 12 Batwalk group

 The Toronto Zoo staff made good use of the bat population data we gathered and commended the Friends for our efforts.









The bat monitoring route.  We start at the Cedarbrook Community center and travel along the paved path to the edge of Thomson Memorial Park.  It is divided into 10 zones and we monitor bat activity in each zone.

Our final monitoring results for 2019 are given in the summary: bat summary – September 12